Pepe's Guidebook to Earth

Pepe is about to arrive on Earth. He knows nothing about the planet he is soon to land on. Brand new here, he might need some help to navigate; how to use his arms, how to talk to Mr. Fear, where to look for joy?



“Pepe’s Guidebook to Earth” is my first children's book. And yet perhaps it is not a kids' book.

It is addressed to kids and adults, especially expecting parents. It is written from the perspective of a mother anxiously waiting for her first child Pepe to be born. She prepares an illustrated guidebook for him to make his stay on Earth easier.


Subsequent parts of the guidebook take the newborn traveller through the most carefree and darkest places of the road ahead. Pepe will get advice on losing, listening to his guts, and looking at the world upside down.


While the guidebook offers help where possible, it also admits its limitations, encouraging Pepe to solve matters of heart and challenges on his own terms.

Twenty six chapters are titled according to successive letters of the alphabet.





The book took shape between endless glasses of ginger tea and warm milk, fueled as much by the anxiety of becoming a parent as by an overwhelming love for the Little One to soon appear on Earth.

Like so many parents expecting their first child, I dived into all available parenting guides. And in all this noise, I found that something was lacking: a guidebook for both these stressed-out parents and kids discovering the Earth for the first time.

Something they could read together, that would make them stop for a bit and think about simple yet essential things that could go into the "First Time on Earth" toolkit. "Pepe's Guidebook to Earth" is an answer to this lack.